The summer is hot, the fashion trends are colorful and extravagant as always, its time to post some truly womеn's stuffs. Well..its not about makeup and lipstick or nail-polish, that would be too sassy right? As the hot season marks its peak, each designer tries to keep its line original and individual, unwittingly most of the times even weird or funny.  

     So as the catwalk is the place for ideas, for new fashion, skinny waist and serious faces, contrary to all the seriousness here are some pretty fresh pieces of clothing, which are hilarious and some of them even edible!
   Lady Greta Larkins is a creator of the popular Tumblr FASHGIF. She shows the fashion world like no other, in a interactive, creative and sometimes strange way. 
    Seeing her GIFs which she calls “FASHGIF” you see one different side of the catwalk and most of the them makes you say, "haha, yes this dress looks just like a lump of butter" or "what this designer really thought while designing this?".

     The result is so cool because Larkins point of view makes fashion to look less pretentious, tacky and even incomprehensible (despite what designers say).
    Each GIF takes about 45 minutes to make. Larkins uses only Photoshop, adding pixels and recreating backgrounds so “when you pull something over, there's an appropriate image behind it,” like she says.
For more from her check her Tumblr - FASGIF.

7 коментара :

  1. ahahahahah that is hilarious :D

  2. this woman see fashion exactly as I see it
    a real madness

  3. laugh so hard to solar panels :D

  4. ahahahah exactly as I see them!

  5. too expensive to buy
    we deserve more gifs like that for that reason

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