365 days project turns to a hit - art of Marco Stupic

  Meet Marko Stupic – Croatian UI designer, illustrator and photo-manipulator based in Zagreb. One day he decided to start a project called “Icon a Day”. The idea which Stupic had was to draw vector illustration everyday. Like every single day for a whole year!

  And here we are 365 days later - not only he complete his project  but he did it great!

  His hard work and great skills created wonderful art full of colors and style. In article wrote by himself Marko tells the idea behind the project, the results and the benefits of his dedication to the project and the huge progress of skills which this work gave him.

You can find his work here:

○  Tumblr profile
○  Dribble profile
○  Twitter profile
○  Shop - Society6 profile

And don’t forget to check out his article How to Become an Awesome Designer. His inspirational words and experience are really helpful and motivating. 

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