Express Yourself - dog edition by Elke Vogelsang

  Dogs and cats rule the internet! This is well known fact. They can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Dogs are this kind of “man’s best friend” a little dorky and strange sometimes but always there for you.
   If you can capture these qualities in one dog on a camera you are indeed great photographer. This fully applies to self-taught photographer Elke Vogelsang. The great bond between Elke and her three dogs Noodles, Scout and Loli is recreated in these awesome photos below.
   Based in Hildesheim, Germany, Vogelsang is a professional photographer who separates time between shooting people and pets. Her dogs (which are the main stars in her last project) are rescue dogs named Noodles, Scout and Loli. Their charming and friendly nature is capture in series of portraits which Elke shoots in her free time. The results are more than great – funny and special portraits full of life (we can only wonder how this energetic animals are staying calm in front of the camera for more than 5 seconds). The main idea of Vogelsang – to show her dogs in their real side  - “as nature made them”.

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