Chiara Bautista a.k.a. Milk is an artist with Mexican descents, from Tucson, Arizona. Her work is filled with symbolism and is so detailed you should watch her drawing more than once to see all the elements. 

 Her drawings reveal classical tale in which the end is not always happy.

  Milk has different perspective about art. Very deep messages can be found in the eyes of her wounded and/or heartbroken girls. Themes in her art are  such as deer horns, squid girls, arrows (of an invisible Hunter), skeleton birds, broken hearts, blood clouds, drugs, the word "malamor" (mal de amour is the Spanish word for heartbroken), wounds, the number 777, bondage, death, earphones, lyrics, and music.

  Chiara has given very few interviews and we don't know much about her. That's because she wants her private space. The only official site where you can see her work directly from her can be found here.

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