A dog named Jimmy

  Woof! This is just awesome! I love dogs, you love dogs, everyone loves them!
During the summer of 2014, an adorable Bull Terrier went viral on the internet. We've wrote about the lovely dog Jimmy and his owner before (you can check it here) and now the photogenic terrier is back with us with more of his creative photo sessions and even a book!

   His owner Rafael Mantesso who recently divorced got left with not so much except his small unfurnished apartment. 
   Despite the fact he found inspiration in his empty white walls with the help of his best friend - the five-year old Bull Terrier Jimmy Choo (who happened to be as great artist as his owner!).

  The book started as a popular series of photos on Instagram and quickly gained popularity. The added illustrations make the pictures frequently amusing and clever and everyone with a sense of humor and a love of dogs will enjoy this photographic work of art!
  The hardcover consist of more than one hundred charming images which are representing in a creative way the loving relationship between a dog and his owner and their marvelous adventures.

You can check more about the book here. A definite must-buy for all dog lovers!

Also check Jimmy's website at:
○ www.jimmythebull.com

And Instagram at:

Woof, woof!

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